Nigerian woman Calls for Help Over Husband Allegedly Molesting Their 9months Old Son

A Nigerian woman calls for Help Over Husband Allegedly Molesting Their 9months Old Son

A Nigerian woman calls for help over husband allegedly molesting their son.

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to say that her husband has been molesting their son, who is 2 weeks old, for 9 months.

On Facebook, the woman identified as Onyinye Onome took to the platform to announce her suspicions that her husband, Inalu Victor, was gay a year after their traditional marriage. She later discovered that her son was used to grabbing the genitals of his father and that she had her guards up until she discovered her son was stooling blood.

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woman Calls for Help Over Husband

She visited a general hospital following her discovery, where the medical doctors reportedly saw a tear in the anus of the boy and referred her to a lawyer for human rights.

Onyinye also says that after she ousted him on social media, her husband has sent gunmen after her.

She said;

“Please don’t ignore this at all take it seriously my life is in danger by my husband Inalu Victor chukwutem and he has vowed to kill me…..I don’t go to my shop anymore,I can’t walk freely because gun men after me just because I spoke out….Call him if anything happens to me

Call him if anything whatsoever happens to be spiritually physically
+234 809 452 7712 07068690338 Inalu Victor Chukwutem the CEO GGS”

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