How To Overcome Low self-Esteem, 5-8.

I promised to come back with the Full post on How to Overcome low Self-Esteem, which we discussed earlier today. We’ve promised to highlight 8 problems created by Low self-esteem and how to tackle them’ We Highlighted 1-4 as follows’; 1. SELF-HATE, 2. PERFECTIONISM, 3.POOR BODY IMAGE & 4.FEELING WORTHLESS.
For those who missed it, we argue you to click on previous post and read them! so without wasting much of your time here is the 5-8,..lets go…….!

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Being too sensitive is one of the more painful aspects of low self-esteem.
Whether you’re angered by criticism or literally feel demolished by any comment that’s directed at you, it’s important to desensitise yourself.

How to overcome oversensitivity
* Making sure you really listen to what’s being said. This way you can evaluate whether a comment is true or not, before deciding how you feel about it.
*If the criticism is unfair, say you don’t agree.
*If there is some  truth in it, learn from what’s being said, rather than beating yourself up about it.
Constructive criticism can be exactly that, provided you take the comments on board and make changes for the better.
*Make sure you move on. Replying over and over what’s upset you only anchors the memory to you- which wont help.


Fear and belief that you are powerless to change anything in your world are irrefutably linked to low elf-esteem.

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How to overcome Fear and anxiety
*Discriminate between genuine fears and unfolded ones by challenging your anxieties with the facts. For instance, you may feel it’s pointless to go for a promotion because you don’t think you can get it. How true is this statement when you look at the evidence?
*Build confidence by facing your fears. Draw up what’s known as a fear pyramid, placing your smallest fears at the bottom. The idea is to work your way up the pyramid, taking on each fear and boosting your belief in your abilities as you go.


Anger is normal emotion, but one that gets distorted when have low self-esteem. When you don’t think highly of yourself, you start to believe your own thoughts and feeling aren’t important to others. Repressed hurt and anger can build up, so something seemingly small can trigger outbursts of fury.

How to overcome Anger
*Learn how to remain calm. One way is to not let your feelings simmer away until you explode. Instead , express how you’re feeling at the time.
*If that doesn’t work, step away from the situation and breathe in long slow breaths to reduce your heart rate an bring your body back to a relaxed state.
*Don’t over do it. People  with low self -esteem often over commit then feel bitter as they struggle to cope. Try to take on only what you want and would like to do.

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One of the biggest problems with low self-esteem is feeling you have to please others so that they like, love and respect you. As a result many people-pleasers  end up feeling aggrieved and used.

How to overcome people -pleasing
*Learn how to say no. Be yourself. Your worth doesn’t depend on others’ approval- people like and love you for who you are, not what you do for them.
*Be selfish sometimes, or at least think about your needs for a change. People with a healthy self-esteem know when it’s important to put themselves first.
*Set limits on others, Feeling resentful and used stems from accepting things from friends and family that you personally feel is unacceptable. Start placing limits on what you will and won’t do and your resentment will ease.

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