GUYS!! Have You Ever Cried In Public Before – Tell Us What Happened?


Hello guys, as we all know sometimes we cannot control what can happen to us in public be it good or bad, like ever cried in public. LOL!

cried in public

We all must have seen someone crying in public making us remember we’ve at some point had same experience.

I remember the day I got  jobbed and robbed in Lagos, I was lured to a place while trying to help someone and I ended up getting robbed, 50k given to me to save gone with my wristwatch.

I was given 200 naira to carry bike 😭😭😭.

I navigated myself to the nearest bus stop, sit down and cried myself a river. I don’t even mind who was watching 😀😀😀.

Experience they say is the father of knowledge, for this Lagos, shey l’eko yi? I don wise 😂😂

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So guys,

Have You Ever Cried In Public Before?

Tell Us What Happened.

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