Fan mocks DJ Cuppy for not knowing how to dress, she gives savage reply

Fan mocks DJ Cuppy

Fan mocks DJ Cuppy… Billionaire’s daughter and disc jockey, DJ Cuppy has given a simple but savage response to a fashion police who said she doesn’t know how to dress.

Fan mocks DJ Cuppy

It all started after after a fan who had an opinion about her fashion sense took to her comment section to troll her about the way she dresses.

The social media user had tweeted a reply to her post; “This Cuppy girl no sabi dress at all.”

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Another Twitter user supported the above troll by adding: “She’s always looking like a f**king teletubby.”Fan mocks DJ Cuppy

Unlike DJ Cuppy who always ignores trolls, she decided to give a befitting response and replied: “A RICH teletubbie.”Fan mocks DJ Cuppy

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