Erica Fan Vows To Sell Kidney To Buy A House And SUV For Her

Erica Fan Vows To Sell Kidney

Erica Fan Vows To Sell Kidney… A die-hard fan of Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ star, Erica Nlewedim has vowed to sell off a vital body-organ just so she can buy a house for Erica.

Erica Fan Vows To Sell Kidney

The beautiful actress had taken to her social media page to demand her Christmas gift wherein her disclosure on wanting two basic things for Christmas – a house and a SUV

Erica had tweeted ;

Where’s my Christmas gift o?! I want a house in banana island and a big suv

A fan identified as Havilavincent then joked about selling her kidney just to make sure her fave gets the house she desires.

Erica Fan Vows To Sell Kidney For Her…

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