Davido To Give Out 2 Million Naira, Here Is What You Need To Do To Win

Someone is trying to kill Davido

Davido To Give Out 2 Million Naira… Popular Nigerian music artist, Davido is set to bless his fans or any random person again with a huge sum of two million Naira.

Davido To Give Out 2 Million Naira

The music icon who is vastly and widely knows across the African music space is now doubt one of the artists around that gives back to people constantly.

He does this effortlessly and now he is about to pull it off again.

In recent weeks, he has been putting out some slangs that have gone on to be popular across the Nigerian social media space and he is about to reward someone for it.

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In recent weeks he has mentioned, “E Choke,” and just days ago he came through with “Tule,” these words have gone on to be used in every space of the social media in the country.

Now he is popping in with the Tule challenge.

According to Davido, you can win 2 million Naira when you joined the #TuleChallenge.

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See his post below:

Davido To Give Out 2 Million Naira
Davido To Give Out 2 Million Naira.. #TuleChallenge


  1. I have always love him as a Brother,maybe is because we were born in the same month and date.anyone that want to insult him,should face Me first.tule,tule

  2. Ever since Davido gave us jowo my woofer haven’t been at peace even the new album gat me going but jowo is driving me nuts #tulechallenge

  3. Davido has been so good to people he has helped many people I know he has not helped me but I’m not saying for him to give me something or anything but my prayer for you is that god almighty will continue to bless you and your home for the god things you have been doing for those we needs help but they cloud not find it am so proud of you bro 💯💯

  4. Divido u are a man of integrity and wisdom keep it up don’t allow what God has giving to u die like that, don’t quite music because of the fight with u and borna boy, Tule means run

    • I love Davido his music is very cool and nice in fact his my favorite musicians I love his songs very well

    • Your music is impeachable your styles are impenetrable.u are not just one of the best contemporaneous musicians.u are the best one.Let people say in my time that l listen to best songs ever composed by Davido.the world best.#TULECHALLENGE

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