BE SINCERE!! What’s The 1st Craziest Thing You’ve Done While High?

craziest thing

Highness can make you do something you can never imagine on a normal feeling – craziest thing!

craziest thing

Let me just use my story as an example.

I had a babe have been dating for over three years without sex. She always turns my sex offer down and insists she’s a virgin and not ready o disvirgin.

Okay, I agreed on that level and move on with the relationship until now faithful night that I drank and got high.

Sincerely speaking, I don’t know what I’m doing that night, but I just know I had sex with someone.

It was later in the next day she started crying and begging that she lied to me over her virginity because we had sex under the influence of alcohol, she thought I realize what happen that night.

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Funny enough, I don’t know maybe I am sexing a virgin or not. If only she knew I was really high and out of consciousness, she won’t have begged me the next day and start talking about virginity, I’ll just assume I was the one that burst it.

To cut the story short. Thank God for alcohol, na so I go just be mumu for the next 10 years.

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What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Done While High?

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