Canada-based Nigerian man lambasted for saying Buhari has improved infrastructure better than all ex presidents’

Canada-based Nigerian man lambasted

Canada-based Nigerian man lambasted…

A Nigerian man residing in Canada has been lambasted by Nigerians over his appraisal of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Canada-based Nigerian man lambasted
Canada-based Nigerian man lambasted

According to the man identified as Josh Ibirogba, the infrastructure development under the Buhari-led administration is the best so far, when compared with past presidents.

josh man

He said no past leader of the nation has done anything relatively close to what Buhari has been able to achieve in the sector.

Taking to Twitter, Josh wrote;

”On Infrastructure, no Nigerian President comes to close to what President Buhari has done in that Sector!”

View his post:

His assertion was not well received by Nigerians online as they took to the platform to berate him for claiming that Buhari has done well while he (Josh) refuses to return back to Nigeria and enjoy the good works of Mr President.

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